Forget the drab, grey cubicles that used to be the go-to for offices. Today, we can work with you to create custom cubicles that will have your business looking good and keep your employees happy. Whether you’re wanting a traditional cubicle to provide privacy and sound reduction, or you’d like open space workstations to help facilitate collaboration within your team, we’ve got every shape and size you could need.

Choose custom colors to match your business’s palette, or get a printed pattern that adds vibrancy to the office. If brainstorming big ideas is common in your industry, then consider adding a whiteboard panel to each cubicle for employee use.

Cubicles don’t just offer organization, they give employees a sense of personal space in their work area. Some of our cubicles can have extra features added that increase privacy, such as frosted glass windows or even hinged and sliding doors.

If your office’s floor plan is more open, then individual workstations might be a better fit. Spacing these side-by-side can increase communication within your staff while still giving each of them their own area to get work done.

Have a huge staff that needs a large number of workstations? Don’t worry; we can source furniture for any size business, no matter how big or small. With these limitless customization options, we’re sure that Lindsey Office Furnishings can provide the cubicles or workstations that your business desires at a price to fit your budget. If you’re interested, call us or come visit our store in-person to meet with our sales team for a personal tour of our products.