Filing/Storage Solutions

Organization can be key to keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. That’s why our collection of filing and storage solutions is perfect for improving your office workflow. Come visit our store to peruse our many showrooms and see first-hand what we have to offer.

File storage systems are necessary for things such as medical records, employee files, client information and more. Lindsey Office Furnishings provides these in various sizes to fit all of your organizational needs, from small filing cabinets to high density storage systems.

For office storage solutions that move beyond filing, we offer pieces like bookshelves and shelving units to store your favorite books, company awards and more. Or replace generic end tables with one of our small drawer chests for storage that does double duty.

If your industry relies on having a large number of physical files, like at a medical practice or lawyer’s office, then more extensive organization may be needed. We offer rolling file systems that can keep your important information in order and easy-to-find. If space is an issue, some of our high density storage system models have a button system that opens the files when you need them and keeps them compact when you don’t.

Call us today or drop by our office to try out any of filing and storage solutions in-person. Our sales associates would love to tour you through our various models in the showrooms.